Merry Thanksgiving!!!

Today is Thanksgiving, but it seems like stores are skipping it, and going right to Christmas.  It doesn’t really bother me.  I love Christmas!  I sometimes listen to Christmas music all year. 

I bought TobyMac’s “Christmas In Diverse City” a couple of weeks ago, and really like it.  In fact, I’m listening to it as I’m writing this.

I’m thankful for a lot of things.  God, family, friends, my job, my health, and the freedom to enjoy all these things.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  And eat way to much. 


Ok, I promise…

…I will start writing in this blog.

Nothing exciting has happened since my last post.  I really haven’t done as much caching as I would like to, but I have found some.  I’m almost at 1,400 finds, well, I’m at 1,359 as of this post.  I need to go on a small road trip, I haven’t been on one in a while.

The Tulsa State Fair starts this week.  I usually go at least once.  tobyMac is putting on a concert at one of the stages this year, so I’ll go watch him.  It’s Monday night, so I had to take off work.  I went to his concert earlier this year, and he puts on an awesome show.  It should be pretty cool.  MC Hammer is also going to be here, but have no idea when his concert is.  I really wouldn’t mind seeing him, just to see if he’ll were the big pants he used to wear.

Saturday night racing is coming to an end in the next month.  I really haven’t been going to them either.  I’ve had other stuff.  One weekend was an OU game, another was a church singles party, and other stuff.

July 4th

I know I’m kinda late posting this, but I guess better late than never.

My weekend started out Saturday night.  I went to the local dirt track to watch sprint car races.  It’s a nice little track called Port City Raceway.  They had a small fireworks display after the final race.

Sunday, I ate with my parents and hung at their house until time for Rockets Over Rhema.  My Dad and sister went with me.  It started out inside the church with a very nice patriotic service.  Then everyone went outside to watch the concert.  The Axis Worship Band was the first to play.  They were pretty good.  They play every year at this event.  This wasn’t the first time I had seen them.  This was my first time for the others. 
The next band was Stars Go Dim.  They were good to.  Good rock n roll. 
The third band was my favorite!  They were Fireflight.  This band was awesome!  Nice hard rock, bang your head music, as they did on stage.
The last band was Hawk Nelson.  They seemed to be the band most people liked.  I thought they were ok.
After the concerts, the fireworks started.  Rhema always puts on a good fireworks show. I guess that’s why the crowd keeps getting bigger every year.  It was a great evening.  Oh, and around 9, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.  It felt nice!

The actual 4th of July, I went over to my parents again, popped fireworks myself, and also went to the Sapulpa fireworks show. 

I had a busy weekend!

New Blog

This isn’t my first time to blog, but is the first time with wordpress.  I thought I would try it for a while.  I didn’t post very often, so maybe I will with this one.  I don’t really know why using a different blog service will help me post more, but maybe it will.  I’ll probably be posting from an android app sometimes.  I’ll probably be changing it around for a while in the beginning. 

That’s all for now.  Check back if you are interested in my adventures in my hobbies.