Silver Dollar City Christmas

Silver Dollar City is a theme park in Branson, MO, just in case you haven’t heard of it.  My favorite time of the year to go is during their Christmas celebration.  This year, I went twice.  The last time, a couple of weeks ago, it was packed!

There are a ton of Christmas lights in the park.  I made a video of them, you can watch it here, SDC Christmas 2015.  I took some pictures too.

DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544

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I told you!

There was a lot of rain.  These pictures are from my hometown of Sapulpa.

Way to much water in a park!
Normally, the bridge is 20-25 feet above the creek.
Trash can and sign. There is usually a walking path there
A different entrance into the park
Another part of Sapulpa, a road full of water. Anytime they get a lot of rain, it floods.

It usually doesn’t take long before the creek recedes back into it’s banks.  Hopefully there wasn’t to much property damage.  In some places in Oklahoma the flooding was a lot worse.

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A Lot Of Rain

It’s the day after Christmas, and it’s raining like crazy!

I know it’s a day late, but I want to with everyone a Merry Christmas.  I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday.  I actually had to work.  Boo!  Although I’m blessed to have a job, I really didn’t want to work on Christmas.

Earlier in the week, the weather guys around here kept saying it was going to rain this weekend.  I didn’t know it would be this bad.  I mean, it’s not the worst, but it’s pretty bad.  This is a picture looking out the front door of my apartment.


Yes, all of that is usually dry.  The middle of it is probably four or five inches deep.  I had a friend on facebook say she heard the tornado sirens, but I think her friends figures out it was flood sirens instead.

Anyway, my “New Years resolution” is to do more blog posts and more videos for my YouTube channel.

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