Photo Blogging Challenge, January 2015 – Winter

Wow!  I haven’t posted anything here since November!  I guess I better get to it.

This month, at PJ’s Photo Blogging Challenge, the theme of the month is winter.  This is a perfect theme.  Here in Oklahoma, and I think everywhere else in the US, we have gotten a lot of snow.  And when you think of winter, you always think of snow.

Okay, so on with the show…

1. Geocaching – Well, of course, I have to have a photo of some sort of geocaching.  This was a geocache hidden in a cemetery.  I couldn’t get a better picture, because the container was attached to the tree.

Winter Cache


2. Basket – One day, after it snowed, I drove to Oxley Nature Center.  Oxley is in a big park that has two 18 hole disc golf courses.  I thought it was pretty cool to see this basket in the snow, with clean snow!

Snow Basket


3. Avon Motor Court – I took a week off work, and went on a small geocaching trip.  I drove up Route 66 from Tulsa to Miami, OK.  This abandoned motor court is in Afton, OK, right inside town.  I’ve driven by it a dozen times, and most of them times, I’ve taken pictures of it.  This time there was snow!  So I had to stop and take another one.

Avon Motor Court


4. Buffalo – On that same trip, just up the road a little ways are these big boys.  I’ve stopped here before, check my video out.

Snow Buffalo


5. General Lee – What would one of my posts be without a car photo.  February is when the annual Darryl Starbird Car Show makes it’s way to Tulsa.  I took a bunch of pictures, but this was one of my favorites.

General Lee


That’s my month.  I hope you enjoyed them.  I still can’t believe it has been four months since I’ve posted last.  I need to get with it!



8 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge, January 2015 – Winter”

  1. Oklahoma is such a pretty place. My husband and I went on a road trip through there about 16 years ago. The roaming buffalo are seriously intimidating. I like how you got a shot of the buffalo breathing.

    We’ve never geocached in the winter. Probably because as I get older, I become more and more of a wimp when it comes to the cold. 🙂

    I can see why you take so many photos of the abandoned building!

  2. I’m a geocacher. I have never cached in the snow before. Not sure that I’d want to, but I guess I would if I lived in an area that received a goodly amount of snow. I rarely go out when it’s raining. 😉

  3. Welcome back to blogging and this challenge. What a great range of subjects – after a video clip I saw on the news last night I can’t help but wonder which would win in a ramming contest – General Lee or the bison!!

  4. A good return to blogging! Good series of shots with this one. I could use a geocaching trip, which is why I am looking forward to May and GeoWoodstock. I haven’t played enough disc golf the past few years. I like disc golf baskets in the winter, too. I just am not a fan of actually playing during the snowy months!

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