Photo Blogging Challenge, October 2014 – Photographer’s Choice

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Photo Blogging Challenge post.  Way to long.  The month of October’s theme was Photographer’s Choice.  Go over to PJ’s ‘lil hoohaa blog, and check out other posts by other photographers.

1. My Birthday! – October is my birth month.  I took a week off work, and decided to go on a small camping trip.  I went to an awesome park in Arkansas, Devil’s Den.  This was the top part of a waterfall.  It has a footbridge between the top and bottom part of the waterfall.  It isn’t a very big one, but it is beautiful.  Picture doesn’t do it justice.



2. Dam – When people think of Devil’s Den, they think of this dam.  This dam was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the 1930’s.



3.  Plymouth – If you have read some of my past post’s, you know that I like watching drag racing.  During the same week I was off, there was a big race here in Tulsa.  The Throw Down In T-Town.  A lot of fast cars.  For some reason though, they only run an 1/8 mile instead of the full 1/4 mile.  It’s still fun to watch.



4.  Oklahoma Open – Every October, Tulsa is over run by disc golfers.  They play in the Oklahoma Open.  It’s our chance to showcase our courses in Tulsa.  Paul McBeth and Eric McCabe were two of the Pro’s that played in the Tournament.  Here they are waiting for their turn.


5.  Putting – Paul McBeth is the current World Champion.  It was fun watching him play.  He’s putting here, and he made the putt.  He eventually won the tournament, in a three hole playoff.



I hope you enjoyed my choice photos.  Again, make sure you check out PJ’s Blog for other bloggers photos.


5 thoughts on “Photo Blogging Challenge, October 2014 – Photographer’s Choice”

  1. Interesting choice of shots for this month’s challenge. Happy belated birthday.

    How large is the lake behind that dam and do they have to do any kind of dredging?

  2. Good selections for the images this month. Love the waterfalls. I think I’ve played one round of disc golf all year, but try and keep up a little with things. McBeth still rocks it. Nice work this month!

  3. Those waterfall photos are great…challenging conditions with all the shadows on the first one and you managed it all very well. Enjoyed the disc golf photos, too. We have a strange, 12-hole course just a block or so from our house and the town has finally decided to do some redevelopment (and I hope expansion to 18 holes). I can never hope to compete at the level you were showing, but I sure like to get outside and enjoy the scenery while I search the long grass and climb up trees to retrieve my off-course disc!!

    Belated Happy Birthday! Glad to have you taking part again.

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