November Calendar!

Well, I’ve finished the month of November.  I’ve found a cache everyday of the calendar so far.  I’m making sure I find one when I need to.  I don’t want to wait a whole year before I can finish.


On to December!  I only have 13 days left!  I can’t wait until I’m done with this.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m almost a little late with this.  A lot of people have already eaten their Thanksgiving dinner, and some are eating it now.  I ate mine this afternoon, and I ate way to much.  Isn’t that what we do on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is more than eating turkey and dressing, even though I love doing that.  It’s almost swallowed up by Christmas.  I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday.  I listen to Christmas music all year long, not all the time, but some times I just get in the mood for it.  Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and the name says.  Now days, a lot of people spend it sitting in line, or planning their black Friday’s.  We need to slow down, and give thanks for the things we have.

I am thankful for my God, without Him, I would be nothing.  My family.  I get to spend a lot of time with family.  Some people may think that’s a bad thing.  I enjoy it.  My friends.  I have a lot of friends.  Some closer than others, but am thankful for them all.

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving!

73 in November

Today is November 17, and 73 degrees outside. So what better thing to do than go for a walk, to a cache.
I went to Riverparks/Midland Valley Trail to find a newer cache that Extreme Mom had hidden. It was called Bamboo Forest. I had walked by this place a hundred times, and never noticed the bamboo forest that is here. How did I miss it?


It was right off the trail, but when I got up in there, no one noticed me. It was a busy day on the trail. I knew it would be.

Here is a collage of some pictures I took on my walk.



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Happy Veterans Day

I wanted to wish all the past, present, and future veterans a happy day!  Thanks to you all for keeping this country safe.  My father served in the US Navy as a corpsman.  He earned two Bronze Stars while in Vietnam.  While under fire, he went out and saved soldiers that were shot.  I’m very proud of him.

The picture below is of my Dad while in Vietnam.  If you look close enough, you can see one of his bronze stars.



This photo is the bronze star up close.  It’s blurry, but you can tell what it is.



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Photo Blogging Challenge – October 2013

Well, I thought I’d throw my hat into this Photo Blog Challenge thing.  Visit PJ’s blog, A ‘lil HooHaa for more information.  I know I had a month to take pictures, but I didn’t get my camera out.  I took these with my iPhone.  Please don’t kick me out for not using a real camera.  I promise, next month I will.

Here they are:

1. Fall Fest.  I’m a geocacher.  My local geocaching group, Tulsa Area Geocachers(TAG), has a weekend event every fall.  Each time it is at a different state park.  There is camping and, of course, geocaching.  This photo is of the fire on Saturday night.


2. Color.  What’s fall without color?  I love fall, and one of the reasons is all the different colors of the trees.  This was taken outside of my church.


3. Football!  Another staple of fall is football, mainly my Oklahoma Sooners.  A friend invited me to a game, when they played Texas Tech.  It was a good game.  Happy to say OU won 38-30!  This is OU kicking off after one of their touchdowns.


4.  Oklahoma Open.  I started playing disc golf a couple of years ago, well, sort of.  I haven’t played that much.  Anyway, in Tulsa, there is a tournament called The Oklahoma Open in October.  There are pro’s that come and play in it.  This is a photo of two of them, Ricky Wysocki and Paul McBeth, sitting.


5.  Halloween.  Last but not least, every fall it happens.  Halloween.  This is a photo I took when I got off work Halloween morning.  A friend put this on my window.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my submission.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks for visiting!