Geocaching Calendar – October 21

Last weekend, while at Fall Fest, a few of us decided to find The Legend Of BlackBeltBraden. This is a geocache that is well worth the time it takes to find it. M 5 really put some time and a lot of effort into this one. We found all the clues, and got to the final, but didn’t have the right TOTT(Tool Of The Trade). After getting it, we got to sign the log. This is the picture after we signed the cache. This is bearbrew, sarahjanel, and me.

I found two other caches, one that was part of the multi, Cliffs, and another that was along the trail, Happy Birthday!

It was a fun adventure, even though we walk part of it in the rain. Oh, and this was a day that I needed to fill on my calendar. It was an awesome cache to find to fill the day. Thanks M 5 for the adventure!

My next day without a cache is Saturday. Check back then to see if I find it. Thanks for visiting.


Geocaching Calendar – October 19

I did find one today, to fill a day that I hadn’t previously found one on. It was an easy cache, but I did have to walk a little way to it. Not to far though.

I didn’t have as much time to find one as I thought I would today. I decided to watch some friends play soccer, they were in a tournament in the Tulsa area. I decided to look between games, and I didn’t have to drive to far. The cache I found was Prayin’ for a sign. Can you guess where it was, by just the name? Yes, it was on a big billboard sign.

My next empty day is Monday. I’m supposed to go caching with a group, so I’ll probably get at least one. Check back and see if I do.

Thanks for visiting.

Geocaching Calendar – October 18

This was a day that was empty on my calendar. It was one of those caches that had been taunting me for a while. It was the one that was closest to me that I hadn’t found. It was an easy park and grab, and don’t know why I just now found it. This one was called Old Umbrella .

Tomorrow is empty to, so I’ll have to pick one that I want to find. It may be more than a park and grab, since I’m off tomorrow. Check back to see if I find one.

Thanks for visiting!

Geocaching On My Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and I had to get a geocache. It was raining, so I wanted an easy one. What better cache to pick, than one called Happy Birthday! It was an easy one in someone’s yard. I usually don’t get one in a yard of someone I don’t know, but this one just seemed right.

Yesterday I had to get one too. M 5 called and wanted to go do some stuff out at a small lake that he had a cache hidden. It still could use some caches there, and I may hide some there. On the way back, I found Oh My Gourdness!!!. It was hidden in poison ivy, but I still signed the log.

The next day I have to find a cache is Oct 18. Thanks for visiting.

Geocaching On Vacation – Tuesday

I took a week of vacation recently.  I didn’t really do anything, it was just a week of rest and relaxation.  Geocaching is my kind of relaxation.

On Tuesday I took misspaula and went on a day trip to Pawnee, OK.  I needed that square for the Oklahoma DeLorme Challenge.  I decided this would be as good time as any to get it.  I found nine geocaches that day.

We found an awesome cemetery.  There were a lot of big tombstones.  Most of the caches we found were in cemeteries.  I love going to them to look at the tombstones.  This one was awesome.  I’m guessing it was an Osage Indian cemetery, since we were in Osage country.  According to google maps, it’s called Gray Horse Cemetery.  Here are some pictures I took.


This was one of the first caches we found.  We also went to Pawnee Bill‘s ranch to find one.  We made it just in time, before they closed up.  It was a fun cache.  We seen some horses that were near the cache.


We headed home after this one.  Before leaving, I was looking on my phone app.  There was a cache on there that wasn’t on my Nuvi.  I was wondering how I missed it, since it was on the road back.  I looked at the recent logs, maybe it was disabled.  It shouldn’t have shown up on my app if it was though.  After looking at the logs, I found out it was just hidden, and we could have gotten a FTF.  We ended up getting the FTF!  After that one, we found a couple more on the way home.  The geocache was called Triangle park.

At one of the cemeteries we were in, we found a bunch of little flies.  On was sitting on my car door, so I took a picture with my iphone.  All of these pictures was taken with it.  Anyway, here is the picture I took.  I was so surprised at how well it takes pictures.


It was a fun day.  Misspaula found more than I did, I think.  She had found a couple that I had already found.

I’ll have more of my vacation week in the future.  Thanks for visiting!

Geocaching Calendar – October 6th

Today I had planned on going after three or four caches in another park in Tulsa.  I didn’t do that.  I did get one though.  It was Just Another Pile – again.  It was a very easy find.  There is a story behind that.  I had found it before, and I even saw my name on the log.

The original cache was Just another Pile.  It was DNF’d six times, so the cache owner archived it.  A little over a month ago, my sister was geocaching with me.  I brought her here so she could find a couple of caches pretty quick.  There are a few near this one.  It wasn’t showing up on her geocaching app, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I thought maybe it was a premium cache, and she let her premium membership expire.  So I went to see if it was there.  It was, and then figured out it had been archived.  I contacted the owner, and told him it was there.

So, instead of unarchiving the original cache, he just made a new cache page, but left the original log in it.  Is that cheating on my part?  It’s a totally new cache listing.  I’m saying it’s a find.

10-6 cal
My calendar as of October 6th.

That was my find for October 6th, so the next day I have to find one is October 11th.

The boxes with zeros are the days I still need a find.  As you can see, it’s not really that many.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Geocaching Calendar – October 5th

Today was the first day I needed to find a cache to fill a day in my geocaching calendar.  I did find one.  I wanted to find one that wasn’t a park and grab.  I went to a big park in Tulsa that has a few caches in.

There was two caches that I needed to find.  The first one I attempted to find was High up in the woods, down by the creek.  And that was exactly where it was.  I actually found the cache, but couldn’t get it.  About the time I attempted to retrieve it, a group of disc golfers showed up.  There is an awesome disc golf course, Hunter Park, in this park too.  So I walked to the other cache.

The next cache was I HATE SPIDERS!  It was a nice cache hidden away from the disc golf course.  I found this one.  After this find, I decided to walk along the trail, I need the exercise.  In case you want to see my route, here is the route on  I think I’ll start using that while walking.

While walking, I remembered a cache that was along the Creek Turnpike Trail.  This trail links up to Hunter Park, and it wasn’t to far away.  This cache was Curse of the FTF # 34 T-Town.

Find on Oct 5th
Find on Oct 5th

It hadn’t been found for four months.  Which surprises me, because it’s right off of a nice biking/walking trail.  The only bad thing about getting this cache was, stick tights!  I hate them!

Stick tights!
Stick tights!

It was a lot worse than it looks like.

Thanks for visiting.  I have a blank day tomorrow, so it looks like I’ll be finding one tomorrow too.