Day 24

I found one today. I guess I can start a new streak, I probably won’t though. I may try to find one every day for the rest of the month. The one I found today was one I looked for before.


I should be able to find one pretty easy tomorrow.


Day 23

Well, there wasn’t a day 23. Sadly, my streak ended at 22. My car broke down, and I had to deal with that, I guess that’s more important than finding a cache. When my car quit, the first thing I thought to myself was, “Oh crap, I’m not getting a cache today.”

I may try to do another streak in the future. Who knows.

My next big goal is to fill in my caching calendar. I tried to last year, but didn’t succeed. This year I will!

Stay tuned!

Day 22

Well, today was an unexpected find. I found one in a park that I didn’t know was there. I had heard of the park, but didn’t know where it was. The original cache I went for, was in a parking lot of the local Academy Sports. It was way to busy to look for. I’m glad this was the one I found. It was a regular size in the “woods” of the park. A nice, big park.


I’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

Day 21

I found one early today. I had a Dr appointment early, and I wanted to find one before that. I didn’t want to have to find one after, so I could get home and sleep. This was another easy one.


We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Day 20

Twenty days in a row. This has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I guess it’s a good thing we have all these caches that are so easy. I would still rather hike five miles to find one cache than find 70 caches that are on the side of a road. Today was one of them easy caches on a light pole, but it wasn’t a skirt lifter.


I have a Dr appointment tomorrow morning, so I have no idea what I’ll find tomorrow.

Day 19

I wanted to get a cache today that wasn’t a park and grab. I had lunch with a friend, so after lunch I went to the nearest park to get one. I don’t actually know if it was the nearest park, but it was on the way home, well, almost.

It was a park that I have found some in before, but all of them has been archived. This was a good size cache in the woods of the park.


I think I already have a couple picked out for tomorrow.

Day 18

I have a friend at work that just started geocaching. I asked her if she wanted to go with me to find some this afternoon and she told me she needed to find some on her own. We have been out twice before, and I guess I’ve been helping her to much. I told her I would let her find all of them today by herself. The last two times, I had already found all of them that she looked for. Today, There was three that I hadn’t found yet, so we went for them, and four others for her, that I already had found. She did find them all on her own too.

So I got three today, which takes my streak to 18 days. For some reason, I didn’t take a picture. I guess because she was with me, I totally forgot. Oh we’ll, I did get this one that was on a light pole.


I thought it summed it up for geocachers. I don’t know which one I’ll find tomorrow.