WorldFest at SDC

Well, I made a trip to Branson again.  I plan on going again in another month.  This trip was for World-Fest at Silver Dollar City.  It’s a festival in which they bring a lot of people from other countries to sing, dance, and cook.  It is pretty neat to see different cultures.  My favorite was the Streichmusik Alder from Switzerland.  They played Apline Folk Music.  With yodeling and everything.  The instrument they played was originally, and still used, as communication between farmers in the alps.  It’s the Swiss Alp Horn.  Shown with them in the picture below.

Streichmusik Alder

There was also Dearbhail Finnegan, a Harp player, and her husband that played flute and drum.  I’m not really into harps, but she was pretty good at it.

Dearbhail Finnegan and her husband Robin Slater

Also watched a show with Kerry Christensen that played the Swiss Alp Horn, Austrian Zither, and Accordion.  He was funny and could Yodel too.

Kerry Christensen Playing The Zither

It was a fun day at Silver Dollar City(SDC).  I went on Sunday, and it was real busy.  Every line to every ride was long.  So I didn’t ride to much, I don’t usually ride that much anyway.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Branson without finding at least one geocache.  When we left SDC, I wanted to find one that was real close.  It was down the road from SDC.  It was at a resort.  It was Calm Waters Cache.  This little guy was watching as I was searching for the cache.

Watching as I looked for the cache.

I found three more caches that night.  They were Peninsula, RC Cache – Branson, and White River Sentinel.  At RC Cache – Branson, I met another cacher that had already found it when I drove up.  There were also three Munzee’s here, so I scanned them.  White River Sentinel was next to Branson Landing, which also had Munzee’s near it, so I scanned some there too.  It was a good night of caching and Munzeeing, if that’s a word.

On our way out of town, I decided to stop for another one.  It was easy to spot, from the road, but could be busy at times.  I decided to get it while no one was around.  It was HELICOPTER DOWNDRAFT.  Yes, all the words were capitalized on the cache page.

I ate breakfast, and went home.  I hope you enjoyed my travels.  Thanks for visiting.  More pictures can be found at My Flickr Page.

A Long Walk To A Geocache

If you follow my blog, you will know I like walking to geocaches.  There was a geocache hidden just outside Mohawk Park last year that I have been wanting to get for a while.  I had planned on taking my bike out to the park to get it.  It’s a little way from parking inside the park.  Today, I decided to walk to it.  I reset my GPSr and started walking.  I wanted to see how far it was.  I walked a total of almost 4 miles.  While on the way, I found this guy…

Friendly Turtle
Friendly Turtle

I walked by several caches I have hidden out here.  I checked on a couple.  The area around one of the was quite different from when I hid it.  The dry creek actually had water in it.  So you have to take a different route to get to it.  Near another geocache I hid, there was a new paves trail.  My geocache was safe.  It was near where I had to start walking on the road.  The road was a lot busier than I thought it would be, but the shoulder was big enough to walk safely on.  I got to where my GPSr was leading me and found the cache.  It was a good cache.  In the Belly of the Beast was the cache name.

After walking back to Oxley, I found TAG CITO 2013 Commemorative Cache,  that was hidden for the CITO last Saturday. I blogged about it here.  After that, I planned to scan some more Munzee’s, and head home.

M 5 called while I was going after the last cache, and said he was coming out there to find the second cache I found.  I told him would probably be gone by the time he got out there.  Well, I wasn’t.  I was still scanning Munzee’s, so I met him and walked with him so he could find it.  We also checked out the trail we made Saturday.

It was another fun day out at Oxley.  For more pictures of my day, check out My Flicker Set.

CITO…Tulsa Style

I’m posting with with my phone, so be patient as I write it. I wanted to test the WordPress app out, and the pictures are on my phone. So here it goes.

On The weekend before earth day, thousands, maybe millions of geocachers around the world, did their part to help make the earth a better place. Some picked up trash, while others, like my group, blazed new trails.

There are a lot of geocaches in Mohawk Park/Oxley Nature Center, so to pay them back for letting us hide caches here, we made a new trail. TAG started at 9, I didn’t get out there until 10 or 10:30. By the way, TAG is Tulsa Area Geocachers. By the end of the day, we were all tired. We didn’t get the whole trail finished, I went back out there Monday and we only had 200 feet left. We had two groups, starting at each end. It was a fun day, and the weather was perfect.

Another group built a bench on a trail we have some geocaches on. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I will at another time.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the trail….



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XDRL April 6, 2013

If you have been following my blog for very long, you know I like racing.  Both drag racing and round track.  I usually go to a local racetrack every Saturday night.  This last weekend, I went to Creek County Speedway. I hadn’t been out there for a while.  It seems like the last couple of years, they have been closing in the middle of the year.   The races were exciting, but there wasn’t a lot of cars.  My favorite kinds of cars out there are spring cars.  My usual hangout is Port City Raceway.  They have all micro spring cars, and usually have a bunch of cars.  Always exciting racing here.

My favorite drag racing track, is the Tulsa Raceway Park.  They have races almost every weekend.  I usually go out there probably four or five times a year.  Earlier this month, a new drag racing event was there.  The X-Treme Drag Racing League(XDRL).  It was a fun, fast, and loud event.  I hope they come back, there were a lot of awesome cars out there.  It was two days, Saturday and Sunday.  I only went out there Saturday.

I will leave you with some pictures I took…If you want to see more, go to My Flickr Set!






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Okay, I know this is a word that most of you haven’t heard before.  You are probably thinking, what is this goofball up to now.  First, geocaching, now munzee?

Well, Munzee is a game, sort of like geocaching, but without the signing of the logs.  First, you need a smart phone.  I have an iPhone now, so I use it.  Next, download the Munzee app.  That’s all you need.

Munzee’s are just QR Codes.  If you don’t know what a QR Code is, here is an example.

my blogIf you scan this code, it will lead you to this blog.  When you find a munzee, just scan the code, and it gives you points.  You get points for each scan.  People ask me what you get for the points.  Nothing really, it’s just a game.  There are some people that do this all the time, and have a lot of points.  I didn’t have that many until today, and still don’t have to many.  Once you get enough points, you’ll go up a level.  I’m not sure how many you need to go up a level.  Right now, I’m on level 14 and have 608 points.

Anyway, here is what I found today…



These are two different screen shots from my phone.  The red ones are ones that I found, the green ones are what I still need to find.  I would have gotten more in the bottom one, if there wasn’t so many people out today.  If you think you want to try to find Munzee’s, go to the website and find out more info.

This will never take the place of geocaching for me.  In both of the places in the screen shots, I have already found all of the geocaches there.

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