Sunday Afternoon Geocaching

Last Sunday, I met up with my geocaching buddy, M 5, and we done some stuff.  Some we should have, and some we shouldn’t.  I’ll tell you about that later.

I can’t tell you exactly what we did, he told me he would kill me if I did.  And you don’t want to mess with a geocacher, they know the perfect places for hiding bodies!  HA HA.  Disclaimer: In case there is some government people watching this blog, that is a joke.

Anyway, I did find some caches that have been around a long time.  Two of them were hidden around the time I started geocaching, the other one, before.  The first one I found was, Liberty Parkway BnG – In The Gap.  It was an easy one to find.  It’s under a bridge, next to a busy road.  I guess that’s why I never looked for it.

The second of the day, was Little Haikey Creek.  This is the one that was hidden before I started geocaching.  Have I ever said how I love finding caches that were hidden before I started?  It was a great find, hidden by a local blogger, his blog is called Yogi’s Den.  If you want to be entertained, with all kinds of stuff, including geocaching, visit his blog.

On to my last find.  Liberty Parkway BnG – Highways & Byways.  It was another easy find off the bike trail.  Another one I don’t know why I hadn’t found before.  On all of these, M 5 told me I wasn’t a real cacher because I hadn’t found them.

Anyway, it was a fun day.  I found three caches and had fun cracking the mind of M 5.  I don’t know if thats a good thing, or bad.  He just hid an awesome multi cache.  If you have a little extra time, go out and find it.  Of course, when your in the Tulsa area.  It’s worth it.  Oh, by the way, here’s the link to his new cache, The Legend Of BlackBeltBraden.

Here are some pictures I took, well, except for one, I think you can figure out which one.



From a Future Spot

The picture below is a tree with Great Blue Heron nests.  You can see them standing up in the nests if you look close.

Great Blue Heron Nests

This is the way M 5 found me earlier in the day. HA HA

The way M 5 Found Me

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More Turkey Mountain Caching

Today was a perfect day to be outside.  In February, it got up to the upper 60’s.  After eating lunch, I was trying to figure out what to do.  I decided to contact my caching buddy, M 5, and go up to Turkey Mountain to get the last two caches that I haven’t found up there.  I found them both.  Now I hope someone hides more so I can look for more up there.  Turkey Mountain has awesome trails.  Trails for hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding.  Way more places to hide more geocaches.

On with my post.  M 5 and I arrived to find the parking lot overflowing with cars.  Car were even parked in the road.  On nice days, this happens a lot.  We got lucky and someone pulled out of a spot as we drove around the lot.  I set my GPSr to find Chase’s Turkey Day.  I had to pick probably the hardest trail up.  Here’s a look down when we were coming back.

Long, Steep Trail

In the picture, it doesn’t look to bad, but believe me, for this big boned person, it was hard.  We finally got to the cache, and M 5 just sat down and watched me look for it.  He had already found it.  In fact, he was FTF(First To Find).  I finally found it after a short search.  One down, and one to go.

Is That A Monster?

The next one, Janels 10th birthday Cache, wasn’t to far away.  We got to the cache site, and looked.  And looked.  We searched everywhere, so we thought.  A little time went by, and we heard someone coming toward us.  M 5 said, “I wonder if they’re cachers.”  They were, it was Thesenvitz, and a friend he brought.  I can’t remember what his name was.  It was his first time to geocache.  We all looked.  I don’t know how long.  We all looked everywhere, again.  We combed over every tree, leaf, and downed limb.  After searching a long time, I actually found it.  I don’t know how everyone of us missed it.  We all looked in the place it was hidden about 2 or 3 times each.

Caching Friends

We signed the log and parted ways.  M 5 and I had a nice hike back.  We might have found another spot for a cache.

Enjoy some more pictures from the hike.

One of the Ponds


Trail On Turkey

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More Snakes!!!

It was a busy Saturday for me.  I woke up, and went to a Tulsa Walking Club event in Bixby, OK.  When I was done with that, I had to waste some time before I wanted to go to the Darryl Starbird Car Show.  I had remembered there was a tackle and hunting show at the Spirit Bank Event Center in Bixby.  So guess what I did.  I paid my $10 and went in.

There was a lot more fishing tackle than hunting stuff.  They had almost every kind of fishing lure, pole, and clothes as you would need.  They had stuff in almost every room they had.

I walked in one room, and noticed a pin that a lot of people were standing around.  So, I went to investigate.  There were a whole bunch of Rattlesnakes slithering around the pin.  I can’t remember who brought them, but it was two guys from Texas.

Above is a video I took.  These two guys are crazy!  They did have protective boots, so even if they were bitten, it wouldn’t have gotten through the boot.  What I wouldn’t have done though, is pick them up.  They knew what they were doing though.

Below are some pictures I took.  I didn’t think I would need a camera, so I had to use my phone camera, and some of the pictures didn’t come out to good.



Holding Another Snake

In the last picture, he was carrying the snake around, and brought them close to the fence.  You should have seen the people scatter!  Thanks for visiting, and to see more pictures, visit My Flickr Page.

River Parks Geocaching, Again

This last week I made a trip to Tulsa River Parks again, so I could find some more of the caches that Extreme Mom had hidden.  Eventually I will find all of them.  I think I have two more left to find, maybe three.  I can’t remember.

So the first one, Ribbit: River Parks Trail East, was pretty easy.  The second one, Urban Art: River Parks Trail East, was a little harder.  The coordinates were off some.  I took a reading with my GPSr, and sent them to her.  She told me she needed to get out there for better coords, but hadn’t had the chance.

Modern Art

Tishomingo: River Parks Trail East was next.  This one took a little longer to find.  It was hidden pretty good.  That’s why I enjoy this River Parks series.  There are different terrain and difficulty ratings.  This was a 2.5 terrain.  I kind of had an idea of where it was, it was just finding the exact place.

Rockhopper: River Parks Trail East was the hardest of the day.  It took me 30 to 45 minutes to find.  I was getting flustered that I couldn’t find it.  I knew it had to be there, but there were soooo many places that it could have been.  I felt like a mountain goat, “rockhopping” all over the rocks.  If I must say, a pretty good mountain goat.  There were a couple of times I almost fell, but my cat like reflexes kept me upright.  After telling myself, this is the last pass over the rocks I’m going to make.  I looked in the right place.  Finally, there it was.  I signed the log, and hid it back for the next rockhopper to find it.  These are the rocks where it was hidden.

Rockhopper Too

I was planning on being done, but there was another one that I needed to find, that wasn’t to far from parking.  The last time I was going to look for it, 35th St. Break: River Parks Trail East, there was someone sitting on a bench real close to where it was hidden.  I wanted to get it.  It wasn’t to hard to find.  It was a fun afternoon.  Thanks Extreme Mom for hiding these.  I’ll be back to find the rest.

While walking to one of the caches, I can’t remember which one, a fire engine went by.  That’s not unusual, so I didn’t think that much about it.  As I drove down the road a little way, I noticed a bunch of fireman and police officers on one of the bridges, and on the banks of the Arkansas River.  I found out later, someone was fishing, and found a body in the river.  It’s always sad when this happens.

Anyway, I don’t want to end on a sad note, so here are more pictures from my day.

Trail Along Arkansas River

Two Baskets

Pink Fire Engine

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Oklahoma City and Bricktown

About a month ago, my Mom was telling me how she would like to take a trip down to OKC, and visit Bricktown.  She said she hadn’t been there since most of the newer buildings had been built.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I told her I would go with her and my sister to walk around for a while.  Last Monday, we drove down to the big city.  Since I like Route 66, we drove the old highway.

On the way through Arcadia, we stopped at the famous Arcadia Round Barn.  It was built in 1898.  In 1992, they had to restore it, because, as you know, old stuff eventually starts falling apart.  This picture was taken on our way back.  I thought my sister needed the virtual cache that is here, Arcadia’s Round Barn, but she had already “found” it.

Round Barn in Arcadia, OK

Then we stopped was Pops.  This place has almost every kind of soda, or pop, that you would want.  Probably some you wouldn’t want.  I got a Route 66 Root Beer.  It’s a nice place, they also have a small restaurant.  We didn’t eat there.


And there is a huge pop bottle that sits out front.  When it gets dark, the giant pop bottle shines with colorful lights.  This is just outside of Arcadia, OK.  Real close to Edmond.

After getting to Bricktown, we had to decide where to eat.  I think all of us had the same idea, we ate at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill.  I ate the Chicken Fried Steak.  It was pretty big, and it was the lunch portion.  It was so good!  After feasting, we walked around Bricktown.  There wasn’t many people around.  It was a Monday, and I think the only people around would be the local business men, and women walking around at lunch.  We did see a lot of people running around to.  The water taxi’s were closed.

Water Taxi at Bricktown

We had a good time.  Lots of new and old buildings at Bricktown.  We didn’t really stay that long.  There wasn’t that much to do.  I’ll have to take her down there on a weekend, during the spring.

On the way home, we stopped off to get some geocaches.  All in cemeteries.  Seven finds for the day.

More pictures from our trip…

Fountain at Bricktown


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Caching In A Nearby City

Since it’s a cold, rainy day here, I thought I’d do some blog posts.  I know we need rain and all that stuff, but why does it have to rain on the weekend?  I mean, it can rain Tuesday through Friday all it wants.  In fact, it’s nice to sleep during the day when it’s raining.  It makes me sleep better, I’m sure it does most people.  Anyway, on to the main reason for my post.

Last Sunday, I got a call, or text, or maybe both, from M 5.  I hadn’t talked to him in a while, so we went out to test out one of his future caches.  So, while I was testing, I found one of his that was already published.  That stinking M 5, when you look for one of his, you know it’s not going to be easy.  The one I found this day, wasn’t that far of a walk, but some of it was almost straight up.  Well, maybe not straight up, but it seemed like it from this out of shape cacher.  It was a fun time though.  This is a picture I took from the cache.
Swampy Trail

I know, it doesn’t look that steep, but it was.  Anyway, we made the long walk back down to the trail.  I was hoping M 5 would trip, but not get hurt, and start rolling down the hill.  That would make a good story, and a good video!!  We got back to our vehicles, and drove to another place on the trail.  I tested out another spot for his future cache.  I would tell you all about his new cache, but he told me if I let it leak, he would throw me in the Arkansas River with some cement shoes on.  I know, the Arkansas River isn’t that deep here, but I’m short, so I would still drown.  We parted ways after his threat.

I wasn’t ready to go home yet.  It was Super Bowl Sunday, but I still wanted to get some caching in.  I remember there was a newly placed cache, within the last month, in a park in Bixby, OK.  The Washington Irving Park.  Named after author, Washington Irving, imagine that.  This is from the plaque in the park…“In search of new exciting writing material, Irving joined the Ellsworth-Bean government expedition to the American West, which included a 31-day, 350-mile circular tour of central Oklahoma.  In mid-November 1832, he camped in the area, which is now Bixby, Oklahoma.”  I have been here numerous times to find caches, and one was actually in the same place that this new one was hidden.

I decided to find others around Bixby that have been hidden for a long time, but I just haven’t found.  The last cache of the evening was one of my favorites.  Not only for the cache, but for the place it was.  One of the reasons I like caching.  I didn’t know that there was another bridge that went across the Arkansas River way back in 1911.  Where this cache was placed, was the remnants of the old bridge.  The old bridge was built in 1911, and two spans collapsed on December 9, 1938.  They built a new bridge 1/2 mile west of this old bridge.  The old bridge looked pretty neat, from the pictures on the plaque.  After getting in my car, I decided it was time to watch the Super Bowl.

Below are pictures I took during the day.


Washington Irving

Old Bridge

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