TAG Fun!

I’m a week late on posting this.  Last Saturday, Jan 19, was our Monthly TAG (Tulsa Area Geocachers) Meeting.  At a TAG Meeting, we meet at a restaurant  have lunch, and talk about geocaching.  After the meeting, a lot of the times, cachers will go out and find caches together.  This is a fun time to get to know local cachers that you wouldn’t normally go caching with.  Some, you cache with more than others.  There were four caches published during the meeting.  The cacher that hosted the event hid them.  It was in a park that was close to the restaurant where we had the meeting.  So, of course, a group headed out there to get the FTF.  An FTF is a first to find.  Some people have a lot of FTF’s, and some have none.  I have no idea how many I have.  I don’t go for them very often.

Anyway, there was a pretty large group that went after them.  They were all found, how could they not be with all the eyes looking for them.  It was fun following the group, most people didn’t really look for them.  Someone had found it before most people got to them.  This was the first time since Dec 12 that I had found a cache.  That’s more than a month that I had a find!

After we found all of them here, the group broke up, and some went to find more around the area.  I wasn’t really going to, but decided to find two more that were real close.  Six finds for the day.  It was a fun day for caching.

Below is some pictures I took of the group caching after the meeting.

Visiting at a cache

Group Caching

Can You Tell Where The Cache Is?

Ground Zero

Scavenger Hunt Sunday-January 13, 2013

Wow, two weeks in a row to post for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I didn’t think I would be able to post pictures, I didn’t specifically take pictures for SHS.  One of the pictures is from last October, yes, I cheated a little.

The items this week were…Outside, Backside, Little Things, A Cup Of…, and Reflect.  Here’s my pictures

Outside…Bluffs at Redbud Valley Nature Center.



Backside…Oral Roberts vs Stephen F Austin.  The backs of SFA



Little Things…Little icicles forming from a bluff at Redbud Valley.

Little Things


A Cup Of…Diet Coke from Sonic, as you can see.

A cup of...


Reflect…This is the picture that was taken in October.


I hope you enjoy.  As I said, these were just thrown together at the last minute.  I promise, I’ll do better next week!  Thanks for visiting!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday-January 6, 2012

I’m going to try this again.  This will be my second post for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  It was a busy month of December.  Anyway, here they are…


I cheated and took this on Monday morning.



when I was trying to figure out what picture I was wanting to take for this, I thought of this mural.



Boston Avenue Methodist Church

Starts with the letter C


watching the water roll



this sculpture is called “East Meets West”.  This is from the plaque, “The sculpture before you reinforces the idea that Route 66 in general and the bridge in particular is where east met west…old met new…and the past met the future.”


Monster Trucks!

Last night, I went to the 2013 Monster Jam stop here in Tulsa.  I was still not 100%, but I was given a ticket before I got sick.  I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I went.

It was an interesting night.  There were eight trucks.  It was in the BOK Center, and thought it was to small for them.  They were able to jump and do burnouts, but they couldn’t do the long, big jumps you usually see on TV.  It was still a fun evening.

Below is some video I took.

No Caching?

I know I have been lacking in posts, but I have a good reason.  I haven’t found a cache since my last post.  Yes, my last cache find was Dec 12.  I’ve been busy with other things on the weekends, oh, and one of them I was sick.  As I’m typing this right now, I have the flu.  I think it’s almost ran it’s course though, I feel a lot better today.

Oh wait, I did go to our local caching groups Christmas party.  We bowled for free at one of the bowling alleys here in Tulsa.  It was fun!  I didn’t get to stay the whole time, it was the same day as my church’s Christmas Cantata.  It was a great show.

I will get out soon to do some more caching, and when I do, I’ll share it here.