My First Geocaching Vlog!

Well, I did it.  I uploaded my first vlog.  What?  You don’t know what a vlog is?  A vlog is a video blog.

If you have been reading my blog, I love to geocache.  I have discovered other people that geocache, on YouTube.  Since I have a YouTube Channel, I thought I would try it to.  It took me a while to get the right video that I liked to publish for everyone to watch.  I’m not really comfortable being in front of the camera, I would rather be behind it.  Who knows, this may be the only vlog post I make.  If I get a lot of people that don’t like it, it will be.  Let me know what I think.  Either here in the comments, or the comments on the video page.

Well, here’s the video…

Even More Cache Hiding

Lately I have found I have had more fun hiding caches than finding caches.  I hid three caches yesterday.  Two of them were published today, the other, I haven’t made the cache page yet.  I still need to get a picture near the cache site.

I met my caching friend, M 5, at the first place I hid a cache at.  It’s in Riggs Park here in Tulsa.  There have been caches here in the past, but all have been archived.  I think two have been hidden in this park.  It’s a neighborhood park with a walking trail, playground, and a pavilion.  I didn’t hide it anywhere near the playground.  I don’t feel comfortable searching for a cache near a playground.  Could you imagine a 42 year old man lurking around children playing at the playground.  It would be suspicious to me if I were a parent, and that would happen.  Anyway, the name of it is Reaching at Riggs – Balance Is Key.  It’s hard for me to come up with a name sometimes, and this one was one of them.  This was the only thing I could think of.

After hiding that, we went out to Chandler Park, so I could find one of his.  It is called Skyline From The Castle – A RGZ cache.  I found it, and it was a good one.  After finding that, we found one that neither had found yet, SS Tour #4 Avery Drive & Sand Plant.  These two were the only ones I found yesterday.

We then went to do maintenance on a cache that he had adopted, Deadhead Crack. I had already found this, but I love hiking around this area.  I also wanted to hide a cache out here.  After finding a few places that looked good for caches, I found the best place I thought would be great for one.  I named it From Hallway to the Roof – Balance Is Key.  The reason I named it that, was getting to the cache sight, you have to walk between two bluffs that makes it look like your walking down a hallway.  The cache is actually on the top of one of the bluffs, that could be the roof.  Anyway, you have to climb a small way to get to it.  It’s a small hike, and during the summer, there may be snakes and more than likely ticks.  A perfect place for a cache.

Below are some pictures I took while on our caching day.

Tree near the cache at Riggs Park.
Tulsa Skyline from a cache.
Me in the “Hallway”.
M 5 in the “Hallway”.
I’m up in a tree, after hiding a cache.
Here I am after I jumped out of the tree.

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Latest Published

The cache I hid the other day, blog post here, was published Wednesday night.  As of right now, five people have found it.  One of them being M 5, my friend who was with me when I hid it.  He went to “find” it with another cacher.  I named it Lake Sherry – Balance Is Key.  M 5 kind of talked me into starting a series of caches.  This is the first one.  The other place I marked for a cache the other day was to close to another cache I own, Birds Everywhere!  I’ll move it a little, so they won’t be to close. has a distance rule, caches can’t be hidden within a tenth of a mile with each other.

M 5 and I are going out tomorrow to another place to find some hiding places.  I’ll post about it when I get the time.

Below are some pictures I took with my phone, because I forgot my camera.

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Hiding Caches

Today I felt like getting outside, and it doesn’t hurt that it was another perfect day.  After I woke up, which was noon, I decided I wanted to hide a cache in one of my favorite places to walk.  Oxley Nature Center.  If you have read my past posts, you”ll know I do love to go out there.

I met one of my geocaching friends out there today.  We walked around for a while.  My main reason for going out there today though, was to hide a couple of caches.  I only ended up hiding one.  After messing around at the place I hid the first one at, we ran out of time to walk back to the second place.  I did find a third place to hide one.  I’ve already made the cache page for both the places I marked today, although the other place I marked doesn’t have a cache in place yet.  The first one is ready to go.  I’ll put the link to the cache page when I okay it to be published.  I don’t know yet if I want to publish the first one now, or wait to get the other two ready to be published before I do the first one.  We plan on going back out Sunday to hide the second and third one.  We will probably go to a whole different place and hide some other caches too.

I’m also working on some video blogs.  I have a couple uploaded, but haven’t made them public yet.  I’ll post them on here when I do.

Well, that’s all I got for now.  I just thought I’d get you up to date on what I was up to.

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It’s Christmas Time!!

I know, I know, Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but it is Christmas time in Branson.

We went to Branson on Veteran’s Day weekend.  Christmas starts in Branson on the first day of November.  Most if not all of the theaters in Branson have some kind of Christmas show.  We went to Silver Dollar City on Saturday, we had planned on going both Saturday and Sunday, but it rained all day Sunday.  The weather was perfect.  During the day, it was in the high 60’s, low 70’s.  It didn’t get cold at night.  Although, it was kind of weird watching them light a Christmas tree when it is so warm outside.  Usually at SDC during the “An Old Time Christmas” I drink hot chocolate to warm up.  I didn’t have any on this visit.  In fact, I only had to wear a hoodie to keep warm, and I only had shorts on.

Since it was such a nice day, there were tons of people there.  We didn’t have a chance to watch one show.  I have been to all but one of the Christmas shows in SDC.   The newest one, they just started this year, “It’s A Wonderful Life!”  We had planned on going back Sunday, just to watch the shows.  Oh well, who know’s, I might make another trip before the year is over.

Here is a video I took of the Gifts of Christmas Holiday Light Parade.

So, on Sunday, we were trying to find something to do that night.  We had planned on going home Monday morning.  We ate breakfast, drove around, and went shopping.  Then came lunch.  After lunch, we went back to the hotel room.  While there, we tried to find a good show to watch.  We picked The Haygoods.  A very talented family.  Five brothers and one sister.  Visit my Flickr Page to look at pictures I took.  I didn’t take a camera, so I had to use my phone.  It doesn’t take very good pics.

I think this was the first time I went to Branson and didn’t find one cache.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll go back.

I’m editing another video of my trip.  I’ll write up another blog post when I get it done.

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