Chandler Park

There is a park in West Tulsa, actually may be in Sand Springs, OK.  It’s called Chandler Park.  There is a multi-cache out there that hadn’t been found in a long time.  So last Tuesday, M 5 and I went out to find it.  He had already found it, in fact, he was FTF on it in 2009.  It was a fun cache.

We went back today, another local cacher, kimbotjr, wanted to find it too.  He found it, so we went on a little hiking adventure.  This place could use a lot more caches in it.  We may come back later and hide some more.  On our hiking adventure, we came across a lot of rocks and trees, and ups and downs.  There was something out there that we didn’t expect to find.  It was an abandoned car.  A Hyundai Santa Fe to be exact.  It was weird.  The body wasn’t damaged at all.  All the wheels were gone, and all the windows either busted out or almost.  We don’t know how it got out there.  There were trees all around it.  No paths to where it was.  Maybe it was stolen, or something like that.

Anyway, it was a fun hike.  Pictures below are the abandoned vehicle.


The abandoned vehicle we found.

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Snakes Alive!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I’d post a little bit.  I have been caching several times, just haven’t blogged about it.

I’ll tell you about my geocaching adventures last week.  Monday, I went to Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area to get the last cache out there that I needed to find.  I went in the afternoon, and it was perfect weather.  I knew which trail to take, so I put my backpack on, and started hiking. When I got close to the cache, the GPSr pointed into the woods.  I walked a little farther down the trail, but it seemed like it was going the wrong way.  So I decided to take off through the woods.  After about 100 feet, guess what I found, a trail.  It was still a little farther, so I decided to go ahead through the woods.  I took a step into the woods, and for some reason looked down.  It’s a good thing I did.  My next step would have been on a Copperhead!  Awesome snake.  It just laid there until I decided to go on.  After that, I decided to take the trail around.  When I got pretty close to the cache, I found another snake.  I had never seen a snake like this one.  It was black, with yellow speckles.  I found out later it was a Speckled Kingsnake.  It’s a non-venomous snake.  It was a beautiful snake.  I finally found that cache.  It was a nice cache.  I don’t want to give it away, so I won’t say exactly what it was.  I gave it a favorite point.  It was CTF IX: Turkey Mountain.

So Tuesday, M 5 and I went to a lake that I had never been to before.  There are seven active caches out there.  He had already found all of them, so he just went along for the hike.  It’s a really nice small lake, and only one person was on the lake.  Two of the caches out here were hidden in 2002.  Both caches still had their original logbooks.  It was pretty neat reading some of the posts in the logbook.  When these were first hidden, people wrote more than just their name and date.  Yes, I am guilty of doing just that too.  I need to start writing more.

Anyway, it was a fun couple of days in the woods.  Below are some pictures I took.

This is the Copperhead I almost stepped on.
Beautiful Speckled Kingsnake

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