Geocaching River Parks

Last week, I talked to a good geocaching friend, M 5, and we decided we needed to get some caches along Riverside.  I found seven, I don’t know how many he found, some he had already found.  I found one while waiting for him, River Parks Trail East: Dam View.  The first one we went for was a 1.5/5 cache.  Yes, a terrain 5 cache.  It was up in a tree, so I had to climb up to get it.  Getting up there wasn’t to bad, getting down was the hard part.  I wish I had pictures while I was up there.  I won’t tell what the name of this cache is, just in case someone actually reads this.  I don’t want to give it away.

The rest were usual cache hides, with different size containers.  As I said in my last post, Extreme Mom has done an excellent job in hiding these.  I can’t wait until she gets more out, even though there are others I still need to find.  Most of our finds were after dark.  It’s fun geocaching after dark when your with other people.  There was a spot that had black widows in the holes we looked in.  It’s a good thing the cache wasn’t hidden in them.

It was a perfect night to get out and ride a bike and find some caches.

I finished August on my caching calendar.  I’m really proud of myself for finding geocaches on the days I needed to.  There are still days when I don’t feel like finding any.  Here’s my calendar as of today, August 28, 2012.  Other pictures I took are below it.



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One For Today

While going to Tulsa Riverparks I stopped by Sonic to get lunch.  After pulling up to the speaker to place my order, I found out I could hardly talk, much less the lady on the other end being able to hear me.  I knew my throat was hurting, but I didn’t know I couldn’t talk.  I went to the KISS and Motley Crue concert last night.  It was awesome, I yelled a lot, and now I can’t talk.  Here’s the pictures I took.

Okay, onto the main subject of this post.  Extreme Mom has hidden a part of a “power trail” at the riverparks.  It’s the good kind of power trail, one that you have to walk or bike to.  Not a boring one with the same hide and container hidden at every location.  She has different containers, sizes, and terrain.  In fact, she hid some within the last two or three days.  I went to look for two of them today.  The first, I didn’t look at the terrain until walking to it. It was a terrain 5.  I skipped that one.  I went for the other one, it was a terrain 1.5.  My GPSr was showing over a small bluff, about 10 feet below.  I looked for it, but couldn’t find it. So, I went for one that she had hidden a while ago. I found it.  It was River Parks Trail East: Split.  It’s right next to the disc golf course, but there was only one person playing.  I didn’t have to many muggles.

Here are some pictures I took on my short walk.


August 2012, 12 of 12

First of all, I forgot today was the 12th.  Well, I knew it was the 12th, but didn’t think about the 12 of 12 until I was looking through bookmarks, and seem PodCacher’s 12 of 12 link in the PodCacher Forums.  I did take some pictures, all but one are at the same place.  I actually had to cheat on one of them, because I was one short.  It was taken at the same place, but about a month ago.

They were taken at The Blue Whale in Catoosa, OK.  It’s a Route 66 attraction, that Hugh Davis built for his wife as an anniversary present.  I know, it sounds kind of weird for an anniversary present, but she collected whale figurines.  This was a big figurine.  Here is the Wikipedia link.

There is one geocache, a geocache challenge, and three munzees here, in case anyone drives by here.

Here are the pictures:

In Tulsa, some of the swimming pools at the city parks close early.  The last day this one was open for the year, people with dogs could bring there dogs, and swim in the pool with them.  A friend invited me to come.  I took this picture of her and her dog.  He didn’t like the water, and clung to her the whole time he was in it.  Other dogs loved it.  Jumping in after balls and just swimming.

This was the picture I took a month ago.  It was for a Geocache Challenge.  For some reason the GPS in my phone wouldn’t work at the time, so I had to go back today so I could “complete” it.  It was called In the Belly of the Beast.

The rest are the rest of the pictures I took today at The Blue Whale park.

Below is a foundation of a boat that has been removed.  I talked to the man that runs it, Hugh Davis’ son, he said they had to remove it because it was in disrepair.

Below is a sign that is in the park.

This sign below had two Munzees on the back of it.  One right next to the other one.  The park had three Munzee’s total in the park.

The last picture is of what used to be “ARK”. It had reptiles in it.  I don’t remember it.


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Day Trip: Arkansas

Today, I went on a day trip to Arkansas, with my mom and sister.  The first stop was at a rest stop on I-40 in Oklahoma.  The reason was for a geocache.  We found I 40 EAST BOUND REST STOP #2.  There was another cache at this rest stop, but I had already found it.  We found a cache in Mountainburg, AR.  It was in a park, which I guess was the main city park.  It was a neat little park.  The cache was called In the Belly of the Beast!!!  I also made a geocaching challenge here.  It is With The Dino’s, so if you’re driving through Mountainburg, stop by and claim the challenge.  We found another geocache before getting to the park.  It was in a cemetery, Vaught Cemetery.

Our next stop was Lake Fort Smith State Park.  This is a nice park.  The main reason I wanted to come here, was it’s the western terminus of the Ozark Highlands Trail(OHT).  One of these days, I’m going to backpack on the OHT.  There are some geocaches here, but didn’t look for them.  Here is a couple of pictures:

Me next to the OHT sign.
A view of Lake Fort Smith SP

After we left here, we went to Devils Den State Park.  This is another beautiful park.  We found two geocaches in this park.  They were Come on in and say hello and Horsin’ Around.  I plan on coming back to camp here some day.  I would like to do it before winter, but since there is a burn ban, I don’t know when that will be.  This park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC).  The rock dam is beautiful, when it’s not to dry, and no water is running over it.  I was going to create a geocaching challenge here, but I couldn’t get any cell service here, and I figured if I couldn’t, no one else could.

When we left here, we came home.  It was a nice trip, and I found a couple of places I want to camp one of these days.  I will also be able to get some geocaches at both places.

Here’s my Flickr set of more pictures I took on the trip.

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Rushing Against Time

I hate when I wait until the last minute to find a cache for the day. Yesterday, I waited until right before work to find one.  So I had to scramble to get an easy one.  I found it.  It’s another one that wasn’t there the last time I looked for it.  The owner replaced it a couple of weeks ago, so I knew it was there.  When I found it, a muggle had gotten a hold of it.  There was an inappropriate drawing of the male anatomy on the log sheet.  I did my best to mark it out, you can’t see it now.  Why do people have to ruin a game for everyone else?

On the way to the cache, I drove by a virtual munzee, so I “scanned” it as I was driving by.  To “scan” a virtual Munzee, you just have to be within 300′ of the coordinates.

Wednesday, on the way to work, I drove right by a Geocache Challenge.  I had to stop for it.  It was at the world famous, well, famous around  here, The Golden Driller(Wikipedia link).   There is also a virtual munzee there, so I had to scan it too.

On my way home from work this morning, about an hour ago, I found my cache for today.  I just had to get it out of the way.  I don’t have to worry about one right before work.

I better get to bed.  The links to everything I found in the last few days are below.  The picture I took for the Challenge is below them.

Geocache Challenge Golden Driller.