End Of July

Today is the last day of July 2012.  I have found caches on the day that I needed to up to this point.  I had to find one today, and I found two.  Both of them I didn’t find on a previous caching trip.  One of them wasn’t there, the other, I just couldn’t find.  I also found a Geocaching Challenge and a Munzee.

Here is my calender, at the end of July:

Calendar, end of July

I met some new geocachers while I was looking for the first one.  Well, I was walking to GZ, and there were three guys walking toward me.  I was walking around near where GZ was, but not right at it.  When they got close, one of them asked, “Are you a cacher?”  I said,  “yes, what gave it away?”  He said, “You were looking at your phone.”  I thought maybe it was my pen hanging out of my pocket from my GPSr lanyard.  I always keep a pen hooked to my lanyard, if I didn’t, I would forget a pen every time.  Around here, 75% of the ones I haven’t found are to small for a pencil, so I have to have one.  We looked for that one, which wasn’t very hard, it was an LPC.  It’s the one that was gone when I looked for it the first time.  The other one was on a train bridge turned pedestrian bridge.  It was a little harder.  Anyway, all of us looked for both of them.

The Munzee and Challenge Geocache was on the same bridge, so it was a short fun caching day.

Below are the links to the caches, challenge, and munzee I found.  Below them are pictures I took.

Over there is where the first cache I found tonight was.
Geese that were on the Arkansas River near the cache.
This was the picture I took for the challenge. It was dark, so the picture wasn’t very good.

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Cemetery Caches

Some people don’t like to look for geocaches in cemeteries, I do.  It’s interesting to look at some of the tombstones. Some are real old.  I wouldn’t even know some of the cemeteries were there unless for looking for a geocache in them.  One of the most interesting cemeteries I was in, was Mt Mora Cemetery in St Joseph, MO.  When Extreme Mom and I went on a 4 state trip last year, we stopped right here at sundown.  I was glad we didn’t get locked in.  It is an old cemetery with lots of history.  There was a virtual cache there, but we didn’t have time to find it.  Mount Mora, was a multi virtual cache.  You had to get to coords the CO gave, and answer questions.

A recent cache at a cemetery found me at one I know all to well.  The cache was a little over 100′ from where my sister and grandmother are buried.  I had thought about hiding one here, but didn’t want to get permission.  I might still try to hide one at this cemetery sometime.

In other news, I have been finding caches on the days that I need to for my calendar.  I have one more day in July, the 31st.  I was thinking I needed to find one today, but I was wrong.  I don’t know how people can find a cache a day for a whole year.  Recently, a local cacher found a cache for 366 straight days, I think.  It would burn me out.  As it is, I find sometimes I just don’t feel like finding one, but I know I have to.  Unless I want to wait a whole year to finish my calendar.

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Another Month Between

It looks like I’m lacking on posts again.  I haven’t been geocaching that much lately.  I have been finding some on the days that I need to so I can finish my caching calendar.  I still have 72 days, or so, to finish my calendar. The last day being December 29.  It’s hard to get motivated to find one when it’s over 100 degrees outside, everyday.  If I do get out, I can a few before it gets to hot.  I went on vacation the week of July 4th.  I went to Branson, and almost messed my calendar up.  I needed to find one Saturday, July 7, and waited until the last minute to get it.  I found one, but forgot a pen.  I had to ask someone that was camping near the cache for a pen.

A couple of weeks ago I found a couple of Geocaching Challenges.  When these first came out, I didn’t care for them.  I guess now they are growing on me.  I’ve found four so far.  I plan on finding some more.  There are around ten of them around Tulsa.  I guess I need to figure one out to make.

I have changed days off.  I had Saturday and Sunday off for a long time.  When I started working where I do 18 years ago, they kept telling me there was going to be jobs with four, ten hour days.  They finally made them.  Now I have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off.  I’m going to miss having Saturday off, but I now have three days off.  We’ll see how this works out.

I found three caches on the way home from Branson.  Two were on Route 66.  The first was The “Real” Mother — Road.  I loved this one. It was right on Route 66, the original road.  Part of the curbs are still there.  I took pictures, but will have to look for them and post later.  The other was Packing ‘Em in on Route 66.  This was at a museum right on Route 66 in Afton, OK.  I had been wanting to find this one for a long time.  It’s hidden at the Afton Station, it’s an old 30’s era gas station that has been restored.  For some reason I didn’t take pictures here.  I guess I was excited about meeting the lady that owns it.  I have been following her blog for a while.  If you want to find it, here’s a link: Ramblings of a Route 66 Business Owner.

I guess I better go to bed so I can get up and go find my cache for today.  Thanks for visiting!