Geocaching Fun: April Caching Calendar

If you have been reading my blog, you know I’m trying to fill out all the days in my caching calendar.  I’ve finished a quarter of the year so far!  Here’s a picture of it as of today.

My caching calendar as of 4-30-12

As you can see, starting on May 6th, I’m going to have to find a cache for eight straight days.  I hope I can find them all.  Other than that, May doesn’t look to bad.

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Drillers Game!

Two years after it’s opening, I finally went to a Tulsa Drillers game at ONEOK Field.  I guess I hadn’t gone to a game yet, because I didn’t like them moving it downtown.  Drillers Stadium had been at the Tulsa Fairgrounds for a long time.  I rarely go downtown, unless it’s to visit the BOK Center, or now ONEOK Field.  I was worried about parking.  At the old stadium, there was plenty of parking, and it was FREE!  Now, most places you have to pay.  We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse before the game, so we parked there.  It was only a couple of blocks away.

I’m going back.  The field itself is awesome.  It has a kids play area, which I love.  There’s nothing like kids running up and down, because they get bored.  Just my opinion, but I think they did a great job on the stadium, I still wish they would have built it somewhere else.

Anyway, here’s some pictures I took while there.

ONEOK Field from the right field entrance
Downtown Tulsa overlooks ONEOK Field
It was fireworks night at ONEOK Field

More pictures can be viewed on my Flickr Page.

Geocaching Fun: TAG’s 10th Annual Cache In Trash Out Event

My local geocaching group had our annual CITO on Saturday, April 21, TAG’s 10th Annual Cache In Trash Out Event.  Although geocachers are encouraged to CITO every time we go caching, we usually have a day that we clean up as a group.  The TAG group picks a local park, that may have a lot of trash to haul out.  We pick a park to CITO, since they let us hide caches in them.  This year it was Cousins park in South Tulsa.  When you look at it, it doesn’t really look like a park.  Soon, it will look more like a park.  Read a local radio station article here, KRMG Article.

We started out by taking trash bags to the trees, where we heard there was a lot of trash.  We found a bunch!  We also found some “trash” that everyone hates to find.  “Shake and bake” meth labs.  These are meth labs that are made out of pop bottles, or whatever they can use, and just thrown out after they are done with them.  When we found the first one, we called the police, and they came out and done their reports.  Overall, it was confirmed by them that we had found either 5 or 6, I think.

We had a fun time, even though we had to deal with this.  It’s always fun getting together with fellow geocachers.  When we got done with the CITO, I and a small group bushwacked to a couple of the caches that were here.  Don’t Believe The Map and Cousin’s Hidden Park.

Here is the story on the KRMG website.

Below are some pictures from the event.

These are the meth containers we found. Something we hate to find.
Geocachers to the rescue. One of the policeman drove into a soft spot, and was stuck. They got him out pretty easily though.
A local radio station, KRMG, showed up, and interviewed one of us.
Police logging our finds, just not the finds we wanted them to log.
We still had time for prizes. I won a CITO sticker.
Caching after the CITO
What we found after the CITO.

Geocaching Fun: One or Two FTF’s?

I went geocaching Sunday after I ate lunch with my parents.  It was a cache that was near Lake Keystone Dam.  I knew no one had found it.  That’s kind of why I wanted to find this one.  I found it after a short search.  The coordinates led me about 20 feet to the north of where the cache was.  I opened it.  I looked at the log book, but there was someone that had written they had taken something and left something.  They didn’t write a name, or date of when they found it.  I don’t know if it was a cacher, or a muggle.  Either way, it was fun to get out there.

Here are some pictures I took while out there.

Keystone Dam
I wish I had the lenses these two have!

After I left the dam, I went to Keystone State Park and found a three more caches.  There had been some I already found there, but since I was out this way, I figured I’d find the rest.  Although, I didn’t find one that was out there.  It was just to busy to look.  Below are some pictures I took there.

Old Road
Colorful Beetle. Anyone know what kind it is?
Wild Flower

Look below, this is what I found on my way home.  His front wheel were straddling the median.  I don’t know what made him climb the curb.



I told about the first FTF above, now to the FTF I know I got, for sure.  I got a text last night at work, around 9:30pm from M 5 telling me he was going for a cache that hadn’t been found yet.  Someone had already posted a DNF(did not find).  It had a 1.5/1.5 rating, so it couldn’t be that hard.  So when I got off work, I met him.  We drove to where it was, and walked right up to it.  It was an easy FTF, that had been hidden last week some time.

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April 2012–12 of 12

I’m doing the C25K running program, so my first two or three pictures will be from the park I usually run in.  After that, I had trouble finding pictures.  Here’s my 12 of 12 for April of 2012.

My shadow

This shadow looks like I’m wearing a dress.  Really, I’m not.

Park pond

Picture of a pond that’s in the park I usually run in.  It’s not a real big park, but it does have two caches.  I’ve found both of them.

Softball field

There are four softball fields at this park.  They have a lot of tournaments here.  I don’t know exactly the ages that play here, but I know they have had small college and high school aged tourney’s here.


American Flag, Oklahoma Flag and I think the City of Broken Arrow Flag.  Every field should have the American Flag!


I had to stop afterward and get some gas.  Yesterday it was 3.54, so it dropped overnight.  I’m told we have some of the cheapest gas in the US.  I’m glad about that!


There’s a chance of rain all week.  During the weekend, it could get bad.  Oklahoma is known for tornadoes, and we may see some this weekend.

Red Lights

On my way to work, it seems I always hit all the lights when they are red.  That’s okay today, I wasn’t really in that much of a rush.


Whataburger is my favorite fast food hamburger place.  It’s usually pretty busy, but it wasn’t that busy today.


So good!


Getting to work.  This is the gate I have to go through to the parking lot.

Remember 9/11/01

This is inside the door.


I have to get to work.  I have to make sure the letters go to the right place!

Thanks for visiting my 12 of 12 for April ’12.  Hopefully I can keep doing this.

Geocaching Fun: Walking For A Cache

Sometimes it’s hard to get a cache on certain days.  This last Tuesday, was one of those days.  Well, sort of.  I had plenty of time to get a cache before work.  I start work at 6pm.  I don’t get off until 2:30am.  So, once I’m at work, I don’t have a chance to look for a cache.  Sometimes I don’t get up until 3:30.  Now that seems like a lot of time for some people.  For me, I really don’t like looking for a cache in a real busy place.  We have plenty of P&G’s(park and grab’s) around here, probably way to many.  Most are just right on the side of the road.  During the busy time of the day, there are many muggle’s around.  I won’t look for that cache.  Sometimes I might get one right after work.  It’s not as busy at that time, but if there are people, they will notice you more.

Anyway, to get to the reason I am posting this. Last Tuesday, I decided to get a cache that was a bit of a walk.  it was .87 miles one way.  I know, that’s not really that far.  It was getting close to time to get to work, and I still needed to eat.  It was one I knew that not very many people would be at.  When I got halfway there, I thought to myself, “it better be there”, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have time to get another one.  It was.  It was a nice walk.  Wasn’t to warm.  Below are a few pictures that I took on my journey.

Snake, What kind is it?
Snake, What kind is it?
Snake, another shot.
Snake, another shot.

The snake above was right below the cache.  I know it’s not poisonous.  It was quite a ways below the cache.

Turtle. Scooting away from me.

On my way back, I found this turtle.  He didn’t stay long enough for me to get a good picture.  They were all over the place, but I couldn’t get a good picture of any of them.

Lot's of bobbers on the fence.

There were a few people fishing out here.  Looks like a lot of other ones weren’t so lucky to keep their bobbers!

Dead fish, I knew I would probably see at least one.

Lastly, if I’m near a lake caching, I usually always find a dead fish.  Weather it’s been cut up for fish bait, or like this one, just dead.  It never fails.

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Geocaching Fun: Podcasts

In this post, I’m going to share the geocaching podcasts that I listen to.  Although, I do like some better than others, this list is in no order.  You can download all of them free from iTunes.

  • Cache-A-Maniacs Network:  The Cache-A-Maniacs started out as a podcast that interviewed cachers.  It was fun getting to know other cachers that I will probably never get to meet.  Now you can find GeoGearHeads, Cacheline, Connections, and still the original Cache-A-Maniacs.  Hosted by DarrylW4, TheBadCop, and sometimes Firefly03
  • Caching In The Northwest:  This podcast is mostly about what it says, caching in the Northwest US.  I like listening to it, because it’s just fun to find out about stuff in other places.  Hosted by TheBadCop and witzend
  • Centennial State Geocaching:  Another podcast I listen to just like the above.  It’s mainly in Colorado.  Hosted by Art and Karen of Team_CSG
  • Geocaching Podcast:  This is a weekly show that is recorded live.  You can call in and ask a question, or make a comment.  I have to download it, because I’m working when they have the show.  Hosted by xpunkx, DarrylW4, and HeadHardHat.
  • Geotalk Podcast:  All about geocaching in the land down under, Australia.  Hosted by Spindoc Bob of The Spindoctors
  • Podcacher:  A weekly show all about geocaching.  Hosted by Sonny, Sandy, and Sean of Team Podcacher


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