Geocaching Fun: Before Work

Sometimes on days I need a cache for my caching calendar, I will go after I get off work, at 2:30 am.  Friday, I got up early enough to get a couple of caches before I went to work.  I went to a park in Broken Arrow called Haikey Creek.  I actually thought it was in Bixby, but it has a Broken Arrow address.  Anyway, I went to look for one cache, when I found it, I was walking back to my car, logging my find on my Android phone, and there was another cache published since I loaded my GPSr.  Since it was so close, I had to get it to.  Both of them were in the woods, but not to far.  They were both nice hides, one small, the other a regular.  The first was The Curse of the FTF (T-Town) #27, the other was Curse of the FTF #28.

Some pictures I took while out there.

Big tree, doesn't look that big, but it was.
Big tree, doesn't look that big, but it was.


Geocaching Fun: Caching Calender

Just an update on my goal for filling in my caching calendar.  So far I have found a cache every day that I need to. 

The main day I need to find one this year is February 29th.  As you know, this day only comes around once every four years.  So, if I want to finish in the next four years, I need to find one this day.  Our local caching group, Tulsa Area Geocachers(TAG), is hosting an event, so it will be easy to get one. 

I will keep you up to date, even if I forget, or just am not able to get a cache on a day I need to.

Darryl Starbird Car Show

I went to the Darryl Starbird Rod and Custom Show last Saturday the 18th.  It’s an annual event in Tulsa, around the same time every year.  I haven’t been to it in a while.  It costs a little more than I want to pay, but I did this year.  It was $25 to get in.

One of my favorite cars is the Dodge Viper.  I fell in love with it when they first came out.  I always told myself I would get one when I won the lottery, but I have to play the lottery before I win.  There was one there.  There were all kinds of cars there.  I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I didn’t take that many.  Oh, and Bo Duke, John Schnieder was there too.

I mainly go to look at race cars.  Any kind of race car.  Sprint cars, drag cars, and motorcycles.  There weren’t really that many there.  The Tulsa Raceway Park had a booth there.  I got a schedule of their races so I can go to some this year.

The car show also had motorcycles doing a show.  Here is a video of one of them.

I know the video isn’t very good, but I only have a Sony point and shoot camera.

They also had monster trucks.  The truck in this video was called Ground Pounder.

He was the one that won the race we went to.  I think it’s pretty cool when they do the donuts like that.

Overall it was a fun time.  I spent quite a while there.

Geocaching Fun: Ray Harral Nature Park

This afternoon I got out and found four caches.  The first one was a good one.  It was called Eat this #4.  It was a micro, but was in some neat camo.  I don’t want to give it away, so I won’t tell what it was.  The second was KFE’s Disney Cache.  It was regular size, and was pretty easy to find.

For the next two, I went to Ray Harral Nature Park.

This is a nice nature park in Broken Arrow, OK.  There have been quite a few number of caches at this park over the years.  I have found all of the ones that are active right now.  Two of them today.  Both were good hides.  They were both hidden by  Boy Scouts.  They were called INC BSA – Cache to Eagle #3 and INC BSA – Cache to Eagle #2.

An Update

Almost after a month, I decided to post an update.

I’ve found 69 caches since my last post.  I made a trip to Wichita, KS with some local geocachers to attend the opening of the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit.  It was a fun event.  We had a fun time.  We got around forty caches that day.  Some of us got more than others.  I made a trip up to Wichita a couple of years ago, so I had found some that some of the others hadn’t found yet.

To update my calendar finds, I have been finding geocaches on the days that I need to.  I need to find one today, so hopefully I can.  Here’s my calendar as of this post.

I’m proud of myself for finding them the days that I need to.  I’ve found a lot of them on my way home from work, I get off at 2:30am.  I find it’s easier to find them, without people being around.

I hope to update this more than I have been.